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Wearing Hearing Aids can Lead to Greater Job Success and Higher Income

By Mike Foulis April 16, 2019

There is a large body of research that proves that hearing loss can have significant negative..

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How do Allergies Affect Hearing Loss?

By Mike Foulis March 29, 2019

With the official day of spring having just passed earlier this month, the end of Ontario’s..

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How Your Ears Work: Understanding the Anatomy of Your Ears and the Causes of Hearing Loss

By Mike Foulis March 15, 2019

Have you ever wondered how your ears actually work and the various parts that make up this..

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Can Concussions Cause Hearing Loss?

By Mike Foulis February 28, 2019

Concussions, otherwise known as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), have become a much-discussed..

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What is Tinnitus and how can it Affect Daily Life?

By Mike Foulis February 15, 2019

Tinnitus is often thought to be a temporary inconvenience, but did you know that tinnitus can be..

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5 Quick Tips for Travelling With Hearing Loss

By Mike Foulis January 15, 2019

With the New Year here, many people will be making exciting plans for 2019 and that will include..

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Why is Hearing Loss More Common Among Men?

By Mike Foulis December 28, 2018

Hearing loss can affect everyone, no matter your background, age, gender and occupation...

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5 Maintenance Tips That Will Protect Your Hearing Aids This Winter

By Mike Foulis December 12, 2018

Winter is in full swing in Ontario and the snowfalls are continuing to come down, but did you..

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What Is My Hearing Lifestyle?

By Mike Foulis November 30, 2018

Hearing sounds is an important and powerful part of our experience through life. It helps create..

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