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Amplified Telephones for Hearing Impaired People

For those suffering from hearing loss, everyday activities can become more difficult to accomplish. Simple things such as having a conversation on the phone can be challenging and tiring, making people want to isolate themselves and avoid contact. When having a conversation on the phone with someone, you don’t have the benefit of seeing their facial expressions, or even their body language which can make it an even more difficult task for a person with hearing loss.

Hearing loss can have a big impact on someone's life. Studies have shown that a person suffering from hearing loss that tries to isolate themselves have a higher chance of becoming depressed than those individuals who keep a strong bond with their family members and friends. Luckily technology came along to help find solutions.

Amplified telephones can help improve the lives of those experiencing hearing loss by making their conversation with loved ones much easier. Amplified telephones are designed specifically for people with hearing loss, and it allows you to turn the volume up as needed to make hearing easier.  Like other electronics, these telephones are sold in different models and with different special features such as caller ID, larger number keys, flashing lights, photo dialling and a speakerphone. A few devices are now offering caption-call telephones, where clear caption is displayed on a large and easy to read screen, making. Most amplified phones are hearing aid compatible, and are able to reduce the interference some hearing device users experience.

Here are two reasons phone conversations can be difficult:


  • No visual contact available  - when talking on the phone, no visual contact can be made, you are not able to see the person's facial expressions which can make it even more difficult when understanding a conversation. Facial expressions and visual contact can help us understand people's emotions and fill in missing pieces we might not have heard verbally when talking to someone.


  • Phone signals can be weak and some interfere with hearing aids - unfortunately not all phones are the same and the signal can be weak sometimes. Frequencies can also be different depending on the phone and that is why sometimes you find it is easier to use certain phones and more difficult to use others. Each phone will work differently with your hearing aids, and that is why it is important to look for help when choosing the right amplified telephone for you.

In order to make a phone conversation better, make sure you choose a quiet space since background noise can interfere with your ability to follow conversations. It is always best to have someone call you at a landline, in case you have one. Landlines are usually easier to hear on. Mobile can sometimes experience bad signal, and conversation can have multiple breakups, which will make it harder to hear - you want to avoid that situation.

In order to find the best phone to fit your needs, you will need to consider your degree of hearing loss, so you can purchase the best product that matches your needs and guarantees your satisfaction. A hearing test with a licensed hearing care professional will help you determine your degree of hearing loss so you can choose the best telephone to help you.

We encourage people experiencing hearing loss to seek treatment to help them keep their hearing active and healthy. If you think you are experiencing hearing problems or have a friend or family member that you think might be experiencing hearing loss, contact us today. We are here to help!


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