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Has Your Lifestyle Damaged Your Hearing?

Have you ever considered that your career choices, or even simple chores such as mowing the lawn, could have affected your hearing? The Government of Canada has outlined what level of noise a person should be listening to and for how long. Working near heavy machinery, or even just listening to music through earbuds, can cause your hearing to deteriorate over time.

It is important to be aware of how certain sound exposures will eventually cause hearing loss, and to proactively search for an answer to the symptoms of hearing loss.

Common signs of hearing loss:

  • Hearing conversations in large groups is more difficult.
  • Difficulty participating in conversations in restaurants or other settings with background noise.
  • Struggling to hear over the telephone.
  • Not understanding the voice of women and children.

Be sure to be proactive in preventing hearing loss in the workplace through proper ear protection such as mufflers, as well as ensuring that you are following the Government of Canada guidelines for sound exposure.

Careers that may put you at risk for hearing loss:

  • Tool and Dye / CNC Machinist
  • Recycling Plant (Factory Settings)
  • Music Industry
  • Construction
  • Lawn Maintenance

Hearing loss can be very gradual, so it is important to get professionally tested, especially if these symptoms are impeding on your social and mental health. Thankfully, when caught early, hearing loss can be treated, keeping your life on track.

If you’re concerned about your hearing, check out our previous post on what’s involved in our hearing assessment to get acquainted with the York Hearing process, or request an appointment for a free assessment on your hearing.

At York Hearing, we believe hearing leads to a better life and each lifestyle needs a unique solution.



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