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How are Hearing Aids Fitted and What is Involved in the Process?

More than three million Canadians suffer from some degree of hearing loss, according to the Hearing Foundation of Canada - yet the majority of people who suffer from hearing loss never admit it to themselves or find a solution.

Hearing loss frequently leads to emotional distress as well as a variety of mental illnesses, including feeling socially marginalized, distrusting of others in your life, as well as feelings of anger and frustration.

If you have visited a professional hearing expert (such as York Hearing Clinic) and been diagnosed with hearing loss, then it’s likely the next step will involve selecting the right hearing aids for your lifestyle and receiving a professional fitting.

But what exactly does this involve, and what can you expect from the entire hearing aid fitting process? In this blog we explain the entire process.

What hearing aids are available?

The first step of your hearing aid solution will be selecting a hearing aid that works for your specific lifestyle. Technology has progressed massively in recent years, and hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes to fit your unique lifestyle and the type of hearing loss that you suffer from.

Hearing aid options include:

It’s important to remember not to be put off by the potential price of a hearing aid. As we covered in our blog - Why are Hearing Aids so Expensive and What Financing Options Are Available? - there are plenty of financing options that will help you afford a hearing aid solution and get your lifestyle back on track.

The hearing aid fitting process

Once a hearing professional has selected the right hearing aid for you, it’s time to start the fitting process. This will either involve ordering your hearing aids, or it’s possible you may need to have ear mold impressions for a custom fit.

Some hearing professional will give you a chance to wear demonstration hearing aids, this will allow you to ensure that the hearing aid you are selecting is comfortable and that you are ordering the right size.

Once your chosen hearing aids have arrived at your hearing clinic, your hearing professional will now program the sound of your hearing aid. This will involve placing a thin tube in your ear near your eardrum, which measures the impact of loud and soft sounds on your eardrum.

This process is highly important. It ensures your hearing aids are tuned properly, allowing you to hear both loud sounds and soft sounds comfortably. Your hearing professional may fine tune these settings over the next few weeks to ensure your hearing aids are perfect for your individual needs.

How to adjust to wearing hearing aids for the first time

When you first start using your hearing aids, you’ll hear things that you haven’t heard in a long time - maybe even ever. However, you might also find that the sounds you hear are too loud. This is because your brain is going to need to relearn which sounds to ignore and how to handle certain sounds.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to adjust to wearing hearing aids for the first time - just be patient and the rewards will come! If you become frustrated and take your hearing aids off, this process will only take longer.

By staying in touch with your hearing care professional, they will ensure that you are on the right track and that your hearing aid settings are suited for you.

Have any questions about the hearing aid fitting process, or want to find out more about the hearing aids that we offer here at York Hearing Clinic? Contact us today for more information.

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