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Hearing Loss: 6 Signs it Might be Time to Get Your Hearing Tested

Did you know that your ability to hear can have a huge impact on both your professional and personal life? Hearing loss can lead to a person feeling socially marginalized, frustrated at not feeling understood, distrusting of others and even negatively affect their work.

Despite this, research from the Hearing Foundation of Canada has found that, out of three million Canadians who have hearing loss (10 per cent of the entire population), only one in six wear hearing aids.

This means that more than 80 per cent of hearing impaired Canadians have trouble following a normal conversation because they do not use hearing aids. This is in spite of several studies that have shown hearing aids can significantly improve hearing and the wearer’s quality of life.

It’s believed that those living with hearing impairment don’t seek help due to the negative stigma surrounding hearing loss, or simply because they don’t know the solutions available to them.

Hearing aids, however, can have a hugely positive impact on the lives of those who wear them - transforming their ability to hear and ensuring that they are able to live a normal and healthy life.

York Hearing Clinic has created a list of six signs that, if you experience them, it’s probably time you visit a professional hearing clinic to get your hearing tested.

1 - Simple conversations leave you feeling tired

Many people that suffer from hearing loss will strain to hear people during conversations, without even realizing it. This is caused by a combination of lip reading, focusing on the person you are talking to over background noise and straining to get closer.

Your tiredness could be caused by another issue entirely, but if you find it often happens after conversations then it’s possible it could be a direct result from hearing loss. A hearing test will be able to clear this up straight away.

2 - You turn up the sound on your television or radio too loud

Does anyone in your house constantly complain that the volume on your TV or radio is way too loud? Television programs can be hard to follow for those suffering from hearing loss, particularly when background noise or music is drowning out dialogue.

If you turn the TV up so much that it’s uncomfortable for others sitting in the room, it’s a good sign that you may need to get your hearing tested by a professional.

3 - You are having trouble hearing over the phone

Just like watching the television, those suffering from hearing loss will also struggle to hear when they talk to people over the telephone. You’ll probably blame the person you’re speaking to on the phone, but the chances that you’re actually suffering from hearing loss are pretty high.

Without being able to lip read the conversation, your hearing will suffer significantly during phone conversations. If you find you’re asking the person on the other end to constantly repeat themselves, or you’ve cranked the volume up all the way, then it’s time to get a hearing test.

4 - You struggle to understand women and children

While this may sound like a strange one, hearing loss can make it significantly more difficult to understand women and children. This is because both women and children’s voices are at a higher frequency.

It is more likely that you’ll experience hearing loss in high frequencies, so if you can no longer understand women and children, it's a good idea to get a hearing test. This could be a sign that you are starting to develop hearing loss.

5 - You have trouble hearing in noisy environments

Are you becoming frustrated and irritated when trying to have conversations with your friends or family in noisy environments? Struggling to keep up with conversations in places with lots of background noises, such as restaurants, is a strong sign that you’re suffering from hearing loss.

This is because people suffering from hearing loss often have problems masking out background noise and focusing on speech. If you’d much rather stay at home than to talk with a group in public because you struggle to hear them, it’s time to book your appointment for a hearing evaluation.

6 - You regularly ask people to repeat themselves

Just because you don’t hear a mumbling friend, doesn’t mean you are suffering from hearing loss. However, if the word ‘what’ has become one of the biggest assets to your vocabulary it could mean you are struggling to hear conversations.

If any of these signs speak to you, then it’s important that you reach out to a professional hearing specialist as soon as you can. As we covered in our blog ‘Does a Hearing Test Hurt? Here’s What to Expect From Your First Ever Hearing Test with York Hearing Clinic’, hearing tests are quick, inexpensive and painless - but the benefits of finding a hearing loss solution can be priceless.

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