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The Connection Between Exercise and Healthy Hearing

Do you exercise on a regular basis? Are you eating healthy? Taking care of your health and especially your heart, can have a huge impact on your hearing overtime.

According to the Heart Research Institute, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Canada, claiming more than 33,600 lives per year. Recent research today is suggesting a link between cardiovascular disease and hearing. The connection seems to come from the small but required amount of oxygen rich blood circulating through the inner ear.

When you keep active, you are most likely to have a good cardiovascular health, which increases the blood flow in your body, including the blood that flows to your head and ears. This helps keep your hearing functioning well. It is important to have a good cardiovascular health at any age, but the distinction in hearing is noticeable in those over 50 years old.

Exercising and having healthy habits is a great combination when trying to keep well, but when it comes to trying to improve your quality of life, the combination of these two factors can actually improve your day to day existence, and also decrease the risk of you having health problems in the future.

What exercises should you be doing?

When it comes to keeping healthy, all exercise is good exercise. Whether it is playing in the yard with your kids, biking to work, walking to the grocery store, or doing some house work, the more active you are, the healthier you will be. Keep active!

Doctors believe that cardiovascular fitness contributes to better neural integrity in the cochlea, the auditory portion of inner ear. When you do a good aerobic workout you are ensuring ample supplies of oxygen-rich blood is being delivered to your brain and body.

If you have any health problems, or are experiencing any medical issues while exercising, it is best to consult with your physician before continuing, or even trying a new type of exercise.

Remember, if you have family history of heart disease, or suffer of heart disease yourself, it is recommended to have a hearing evaluation by the age of 40. For more information on healthy hearing or to book an appointment, contact us today!


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