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Hearing Loss: Can the Winter Weather Affect Your Hearing?

By Mike Foulis October 30, 2019

With Thanksgiving now behind us and Halloween just around the corner, it won’t be long until the..

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Can Music Concerts Result in Hearing Loss?

By Mike Foulis June 28, 2019

Listening to your favourite band or musician live is an amazing experience, and that’s why so..

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Swimmer’s Ear: Is Swimming Causing Your Hearing Loss?

By Mike Foulis August 29, 2018

Whether you’re a regular or occasional swimmer, you have probably experienced your ears being..

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Has Your Lifestyle Damaged Your Hearing?

By Mike Foulis April 30, 2018

Have you ever considered that your career choices, or even simple chores such as mowing the..

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Tips for Safe Driving with Hearing Loss

By Mike Foulis March 26, 2018

How much do you rely on your hearing while driving? Probably much more than you think. Your ..

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The Connection Between Exercise and Healthy Hearing

By Mike Foulis March 16, 2018

Do you exercise on a regular basis? Are you eating healthy? Taking care of your health and..

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Can Cotton Swabs Harm your Hearing?

By Mike Foulis February 26, 2018

Many people are under the impression that ear wax should be removed for personal hygiene, but..

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The Power of Hearing in Our Lives

By Mike Foulis December 7, 2017

Hearing can be one of the most important of our five human senses. Healthy hearing  empowers us..

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The Right Hearing Solution for Your Lifestyle

By Mike Foulis November 22, 2017

There is no one solution fits all approach when it comes to finding the right hearing solution...

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