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What are Invisible Hearing Aids and are They the Right Hearing Solution for Me?

By Mike Foulis September 13, 2019

Hearing is our most critical sense when it comes to our ability to communicate, and hearing loss..

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How are Hearing Aids Fitted and What is Involved in the Process?

By Mike Foulis July 12, 2019

More than three million Canadians suffer from some degree of hearing loss, according to the..

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What Financing Options are Available for Hearing Aid Solutions?

By Mike Foulis May 31, 2019

If you are experiencing, or have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, it’s crucial to find..

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Wearing Hearing Aids can Lead to Greater Job Success and Higher Income

By Mike Foulis April 16, 2019

There is a large body of research that proves that hearing loss can have significant negative..

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5 Maintenance Tips That Will Protect Your Hearing Aids This Winter

By Mike Foulis December 12, 2018

Winter is in full swing in Ontario and the snowfalls are continuing to come down, but did you..

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Why are Hearing Aids so Expensive in Canada? Is Financing Available?

By Mike Foulis September 25, 2018

In Canada, we are lucky to have coverage for much of our health care. Unfortunately, there are..

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Overcoming Stigma: 3 Reasons Why Hearing Tests Should be Embraced

By Mike Foulis July 31, 2018

Hearing loss can have a negative impact on a person’s life, causing physical and emotional..

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Do You Know What Your Hearing Aid Options Are?

By Mike Foulis July 17, 2018

Hearing loss can have a significant impact on a person’s lifestyle, it can affect one’s social..

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Hearing Aids Repair- How to troubleshoot your device?

By Mike Foulis December 19, 2017

When speaking of hearing loss, hearing aids are the solution for most of the cases. Hearing aids..

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How to Take Care of your Hearing Aids in Winter

By Mike Foulis November 28, 2017
Winter is just around the corner, and even though it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and..

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