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What's Involved in Our Hearing Assessment?

Your hearing is important and when you are troubled by difficulty with your hearing, you need to seek medical advice. In many cases, a family doctor will refer you to a hearing practice for an assessment.

Having your hearing evaluated at a professional hearing clinic, like York Hearing, is a proactive way to look after this important sense. If you suspect that your hearing has changed, a hearing assessment can put you in the picture for where things stand.

So what's involved in an initial hearing assessment?

At York Hearing we test clients hearing using state of the art measurement technology. We also ask questions to better understand your lifestyle and your needs. The goal is to provide clients with an accurate assessment and a range of options to overcome hearing loss. We follow a four step process to provide a complete solution.

Step 1: We Get to Know You

To help us understand your situation, what you are experiencing and to uncover any information that could be helpful in our evaluation, we ask a serious of questions. Typical questions include:

  • have any other family levels experienced hearing loss?
  • do you have any illness or injuries that might have an impact on your hearing?
  • are you taking any medications that could affect hearing?
  • what kind of noise levels are you exposed to?
  • when do you notice most a loss of hearing?
  • what activities do you enjoy that would benefit from hearing better?

Step 2: We'll take a look

It's important that we take a look at your ear to see if there are any signs of obstruction or damage to the ear canal or eardrum. This painless examination is done with a magnifying instrument called an otoscope.

Step 3: The Hearing Test

Our clinic utilizes the very best technology to make hearing measurements. Any measurable hearing loss will be indicated on an audiogram. Hearing tests can be customized to the client but may include:

  • an audiometric pure tone evaluation, which measures your hearing at different frequencies
  • a speech evaluation that gauges how well you hear ordinary conversations and different volumes
  • an immittance middle-ear evaluation to check how your eardrum and hearing respond to varying air pressure

When we are finished our testing, we'll discuss the measurements and results with you so that you clearly understand the degree of any hearing loss.

Step 4: We'll discuss how to make things better

After the testing is complete and considering. Your lifestyle information we'll discuss solutions with you. There are many options depending on the degree of hearing loss and your environment and lifestyle, for example: hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or surgery & implants.

It can seem like a lot of information at once. We take the time to explain all options and make sure you have the information you need to make a decision about the solution that is right for you.

Often, coming in for a hearing assessment is the first step towards improved hearing and being on the road to proactive hearing health. We'd be pleased to schedule an appointment with you and help you evaluate your situation.


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